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About Me

Hey there, Welcome to my profile. I have two years of experience in the IT/Developer field alongside with some GameDev experience as well. Looking back, I never thought that I would be able to get into this industry with the constant change technology has evolved and adapted. Time sure flies when you learn on your pace. Growing up, I’ve been gaming starting back with SNES and N64 as a kid which inspires me to get into the game industry. From moving 2D platformer in Super Mario Bros to slaying dragons and monsters in Demon Souls, I’ve always had a keen curiosity of how everything from level design, programming, and arts are being played out behind the scenes in front of the screen. This led me to a path for me being a programmer so that I can kickstart my career. In my downtime, I’ve worked on personal projects in my free time in order to fresh out my game development skills in Unity and Unreal Engine 4. My other side hobbies are going out running and exercising, eating out fancy restaurants, video game/movie collector, reading manga/watching anime, currently looking into buying a new sports car soon. (Hope I get a Dodge Challenger) Since I am more of a visual/right-sided brain person, it motivates me to work on something that is both creative and technical at the same time which benefits my career path in the gaming industry.Previously, I worked in an agile methodology environment that requires a lot of collaborative and high demanding tasks that need detailed attention and proper understanding of the daily tasks given to us as developers, QA, and operations. Learning the DevOps culture benefited me to finally discover and my true strengths and acknowledge my weakness as an individual alone to acknowledge and mature as soon as possible from the likes of developing pipelines in Azure, engaging in operational tasks, and maintaining broken codes to have strong stability in the dev, test, and production environment. Hopefully, with my previous professional experience, I can break into the gaming world with my previous work in Software that can translate the workflow.


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Discord: twinb0rn#7898

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