Blog #6: The Uniqueness and Discipline of Being a Software Programmer

 · 3 mins read

What is a Software Developer?

When I started learning programming on own free will many years ago, I thought the hobby would die out on me since at first I hate memorizing logics/conditions and even debugging solutions based on some documentation that wants exactly what fits in its criteria. I was more on the right-brain, creative kind of guy to begin with since looking at the a grey/black console application screen is too mundane and lack of interactivity from a creative perspective. I come to realize that the hobby can in fact be creative and engaging as much as you want and you don’t have to follow the rules, you make and bend the rules in fact. (That what’s being a developer is all about!!)


So what is a software developer in fact and what qualities qualify who he or she really is? Well, let me put it this way! The old stereotype that a software developers and programmers are all geeky, square-glasses, anti-social, and sometimes even disgusting from lack of personal hygiene has become irrelevant for decades. In today’s world, being a software developer can be as seen a the most professional, well-respected field, However it can be very competitive and at certain times challenging when hard projects are assigned to certain developers. Additionally, the works of a developer requires the time and up-to-date skills to acquire certain projects in the real world. In my example, when I was doing an internship for a company remotely on the local side of San Francisco, California, I have to keep up with schedule regardless of if its weekend that I am off from working or working on a side projects of my interest. In a sense, we need to acknowledge as programmers that one of the most important element of developer is time management skills. Time management is the key to make applications more sufficient and more effective in today’s market.

How can a dev improves and learn over time?

With today’s technology and innovation being the key elements when getting in the industry, there are a lot of skills a developer needs to know in order to stay fit and desirable in the field. For example, we always in need for some Mobile Applications especially with smartphones and operating systems such as Android and iOS. With that in mind, Senior developers are always constantly becoming agitated, but challenging rewarded from new architectures and features Android and Apple offer within each version of OS. Recently, there has been an update on Android application. Everyday, applications are in fact requires not only a dev’s intuition and dedication to the project, but a unique vision of what it could be in the next stage. The issues with developers today are that they think they can do it on their own without the needs for others in which can lead to arrogance and yet failures. Developers that practice in that aspect will in fact lead into more struggles and problems with their code due to not having the right mindset and not willing to learn the technical mistakes they’ve witnessed in the past. The best way to get into the real world work is to practice and practice with one’s self interest and passion. In today’s established applications and software, it is imperative to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a developer and what kind of obstacles they face in the real world environment.

What bring the right mindset to be a developer?

Being a developer requires a lot of intuition and assertiveness to be flexible and capable on the job. What is needed today’s within skillsets as a whole is to know how to tackle down problems by solving them logically and thinking critically from not only a technical perspective, but also a creative perspective to approach to almost impossible problems. This is critically important to know that the right mindset creates the most effective programmer to their full extent. The right goal