Blog #2: Know the difference between JavaScript and Java!

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When it comes down to choosing a programming language, it is important to know the difference within each language we use in today’s applications and frameworks. GitHub is coded with Java and JavaScript and these languages are the two most popular programming languages in the world, followed by the likes of Python, PHP, and Ruby. Although Java and JavaScript have a striking similar names and concepts, in actuality, they are unrelated in terms of developing modern applications regarding with web technologies and desktop applications. As this blog continues, we will learn the differences with Java and JavaScript that common mistakes that most beginner programmers think while learning their first programming language.

What is Java?

Java, which was codenamed as “Oak” and “Green” during its initial development, was created in May 1995 as a successor to the older programming languages such as C/C++ and Basic. Since it borrowed so much algorithm and syntax from C/C++, many people saw it as an opportunity to develop new concepts to make coding more safe and easy.

With programmers have the idea of “write once, run anywhere”, many programmers argue that the Java code needs to be complied into a single JAR file that can run on any compatible Java system rather than compiling it to a separate executables to a completely different platform other than Java. The case was made possible with the idea of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which it can reads the JAR file and complies it into a specific instructions set at runtime, then executes it into an app.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript on the other hand was made in mind of web development creation along side with HTML and CSS languages. Additionally, it was created to uphold modern features that regular HTML couldn’t hold due to its limitations. HTML is the core language platform that enhances website’s backbone. With the crazy amount of JavaScript technologies happening in 2018, many companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon are competing each other on what web development is suited for the industry and their customers. Other ways of doing JavaScript


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